The Role of Young Generation for Devoloping Country, Indonesia

Indonesia is a big country. Inhabited by hundreds of millions people include spread widely. We have been independent since 1945. But I think Indonesia is not yet independent in terms of developing country, we tend to fall behind and have not been able to print a great human resources class as developed countries.

Youth is a figure that always brings alterations. Alteration in life order of some era is quite influenced by the role of youths. Soekarno has said, “ Give me ten young men, and I will shake the world.” This words show how important the youth is to a country.

A young generation should go on with positive alteration day after day in his or her life. How loss if a youth is seen to be worse than yesterday. The success of a youth in dealing  with a number of life handicaps along with the good alterations will be the basic in how he or she brings alterations and develop to his or her surroundings and those that are bigger than that.

The Role of Young Generation for Devoloping Country, Indonesia

We as young generation should have the provisions to become the agents of alteration and the agents of developing our country, indonesia. Make our youth as the time that’s full of benefits and all the good things before the coming of old age. When all of our spirits would fade away. What are we waiting for. If we can do the alteration for our country now?  Use our youth times to become the part of developing country, indonesia.

I hope  you and all youth generations wherever they are to abstain from bed action and furthermore we have to develop our skill and potency to reach the bright future. Now the fate of the Indonesian nation is on our hands, the youth, so give the best for Our Nation, Our Country,Indonesia. Merdeka.

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