Influence of Korean Style In Indonesia, be Proud of the Diverse Indonesian culture

As we know, Indonesia is a country which is famous for its diversity. There are hundreds of even more ethnic groups that exist in the Earth Indonesia. Of these tribes later formed a culture different from one another. Indonesian culture is very rich but, how much culture we can mention of Indonesia? Possible answers, we can only count on the fingers. Ironic indeed. But here's the reality. We, the successor generations of the nation, as if indifferent to our own culture. We should preserve it. But why don’t we  care and ignore it?

In this globalization era, Korean cultures are very easy to enter Indonesia. Korean culture currently dominate our market. This culture grow and develop rapidly in Indonesia. We, as the younger generation, would prefer this culture than our native culture. We feel more confident and feel more sociable if imitating Korean culture who was a hot topic at this time. For example Korean music with its boy and girl band.

Influence of Korean Style In Indonesia

Do you like Korean boys and girls band? I think some of you like this.

What did you like from these boy and girl band? Style, voice, or their face?

It is not bad if we liked Korean or the other culture. But, we should not forget our native culture. Another case is the issue of the recognition of our culture by Malaysia. Of course, we are so angry. Our  neighbors who would falsely claim our culture like reog ponorogo, Pendet dance, batik, Sayange song, etc. This is a hard blow for all of us, the people of Indonesia, especially the younger generation. We can not necessarily blame Malaysians who have claimed our culture. As the people of Indonesia, we should be aware of our mistakes. We must introspect ourselves.

How many of us who care about the previous Indonesian cultural event like this before?

Let us together for the same ponder in our hearts, respectively.

Influence of Korean Style In Indonesia, be Proud of the Diverse Indonesian culture

If indeed one of the wayang kulit culture that we have. why should be ashamed to watch it? If batik is also part of our culture, why should feel embarrassed to wear it? You should wear it, we should proud of our own culture. Because other nations were jealous of what we have.

Take care against our culture, Indonesian culture. we should be proud to be Indonesian!

Proud of the diverse Indonesian culture!

This is our culture! our country Indonesia!

Now the fate of the Indonesian nation is on our hands, the youth, so give the best for Our Nation, Our Country, Indonesia.
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31 May 2015 at 08:23 ×

sangat indah sekali

Selamat Rama Dhani dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...

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